Author: Ryan Vet

Rita Zamora on the Dental Experience Podcast
Season 3

Episode 301: COVID-19 Social Media Strategy for Your Dental Practice, with Rita Zamora

In your dental practice, your social media strategy is more important than ever because your clients need to feel comfortable…

Season 2

Episode 208: Working with Family – The Good, The Bad and The Advice

In this exciting episode of The Dental Podcast, Ryan Vet has three guests on the show simultaneously! This is a…

Season 2

Episode 207: Mutual Funds are Just One Way to Invest – How to Invest In Startups

You may have seen the news with big IPOs like Uber and you’re wondering how to invest in startups yourself….

Season 2

Episode 206: 12 Tax Tips for Dentists with guest Craig Cody, CPA

Former NYC Police Veteran turned CPA, Craig Cody, comes on the show to discuss tax tips for dentists. Shockingly, many…

Season 2

Episode 205: Maximizing Your Website to Get New Patients while Flying First Class to Australia

From websites that attract new patients to credit card reward secret, Jeff Gladnick, CEO of Great Dental Websites share tips,…

Season 2

Episode 204: Relationships in Dentistry

It is easy to let work impact or home life and things going on in our personal life to creep…

Season 2

Episode 203: CBD in Dentistry with Trina Felber

Everyone is talking about CBD in dentistry. But is CBD okay? Is it a fad? Listen as CEO of Primal…

Season 2

Episode 202: Stop Unflattering Yourself – Tips to Make Your Practice’s Image Shine

The very first time Ryan Vet interacted with Janice Hurley, they shared the same stage, just moments apart… however, their…

Season 2

Episode 201: Happy BELATED New Year – Top 10 Books for Dental Professionals to Read

What a way to kick off Season 2 of the Dental Experience Podcast with none other than Dr. Chris Salierno….

Season 1

Episode 113: TA-DA It’s All About the Office Culture – Featuring Guest Judy Kay Mausolf

In this Season One Finale, practice coach and renown inspirational speaker, Judy Kay Mausolf talks with Ryan Vet about office…