Episode 102: People Are the Calling – Philosophy, Phones and More – Amol Nirgudkar, CEO Patient Prism

In this episode Ryan Vet interviews guest, Amol Nirgudkar. You will hear four core principles Amol has carried to all of his business ventures from being a CPA to owning dental practices to his current role as CEO of Patient Prism. This episode also contains a real phone call between a patient and the staff as well as exclusive audio from a child prodigy musician. In the closing segment, Brad Winter, shares the best places to check out this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, if you’re attending the Ohio Dental Association’s Annual Session.

During the conversation, Amol recommended the book, Principles: Life and Work, by Ray Dalio. Not only does this book come highly recommended, it is an NY Times best seller. Check out the book on Amazon by clicking the link above or picture below.

In case you were unable to write them down, here are the Four Principles Amol shared on the podcast. It is these principles that influence his leadership at Patient Prism, and also govern his life:

Principle 1: Chase problems, not money.

Principle 2: You can’t run from something you can’t measure.

Principle 3: Fail fast, fail often and succeed.

Principle 4: People before Profits


Recommended on this episode of The Dental Experience Podcast, was the following book. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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