Episode 207: Mutual Funds are Just One Way to Invest – How to Invest In Startups

You may have seen the news with big IPOs like Uber and you’re wondering how to invest in startups yourself. It’s a great question to be asking, especially since the majority of dental professionals keep their money safe in mutual funds. This is widely known as a fairly safe way to make a return on your investment with a relatively low risk. 

In this episode, founder and CEO of Kingscrowd, Chris Lustrino shares more about equity crowdfunding. No, this is not like Kickstarter. Ever since the JOBS Act approval, nearly anyone can invest in private companies. This provides more opportunity for people like you to invest in start-ups. Though investing in a start-up is risky, the return can be quite magnificent.

For far too long, only the wealthiest of the wealthy could invest in private companies and funds.  As such, the wealth gap continued to widen. Take Menlo Venture’s investment in Uber for example. They made 93x on their investment in just a few short years. But that was reserved for the upper echelon of accredited investors. Now even you can learn how to invest in startups with platforms like Kingscrowd that can provide guidance.

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More About On-Demand Dental Temps Platform, Boon

Also, as of today, June 3, podcast host, Ryan Vet, is raising money for his start-up, Boon, on equity crowdfunding platform WeFunder. Click here for more information. Boon is an on-demand, dental temp agency that connects licensed professionals to work opportunities.


Did you know that you can use a credit card to invest up to $5,000 on WeFunder? Check out the credit cards currently in Ryan’s wallet:

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Disclaimers: Referral links used for credit cards. Ryan Vet is currently raising money for Boon, Inc. on Wefunder. The ideas and thoughts discussed in this episode are those of the participant and do not serve as endorsements by The Dental Experience Podcast, Wefunder, Kingscrowd, Boon or any other company mentioned in this episode.

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