Author: Ryan Vet


Episode 406: Creating a life of abundance and significance

On this episode of The Dental Experience Podcast, Ryan Vet and Kevin Henry are joined by Dr. Bob Martino for…

Season 3

Episode 310: Bringing Silver Diamine Fluoride to Your Practice, with Elevate Oral Care’s Hayley Buckner and Steve Pardue

Steve Pardue and Hayley Buckner from Elevate Oral Care share the inside scoop on bringing silver diamine fluoride to the…

Mike Buckner Weave The Dental Experience Podcast
Season 3

Episode 309: Finding and Keeping Your Patients, with Weave’s Mike Buckner

Millennials make up 55% of the workforce today, which means they are the majority of your patients as well.  And…

Katrina Sanders The Dental WineGenist
Season 3

Episode 308: Dental WINEgenist Katrina Sanders

What does wine have to do with dentistry? According to Katrina Sanders, the Dental WINEgenist, “We sometimes get away from the…

Chuck Blakeman The Dental Experience Podcast
Season 3

Episode 307: Making Money is Killing Your Business, with Chuck Blakeman

As we look ahead to 2021, we all reevaluate goals for our dental practices. Eventually, the thought process comes down…

Kevin Henry The Dental Experience Podcast
Season 3

Episode 306: The Critical Role of Dental Assistants, with IgniteDA’s Kevin Henry

There are over 300,000 dental assistants in the US, and Kevin Henry is on a mission to empower, enlighten, and…

Season 3

Episode 305: Strive for Five – How to Get Great Online Reviews, with The Reviews Doctor Len Tau

Dr Len Tau is known as “The Reviews Doctor”. A practicing dentist, consultant, and General Manager of the Dental Vertical at Bird…

Season 3

Episode 304: Delivering WOW: Small Changes to See a Big Difference in Your Practice

Dr. Anissa Holmes is a best selling author, a practicing dentist, a podcaster, and a social media strategist. You may have seen…

Buffered Anesthesic with Dr Dan Davidian The Dental Experience Podcast
Season 3

Episode 303: The Case for Buffered Anesthetic, with Dr Dan Davidian

Dr Dan Davidian has found a way to alleviate patient stress, save time in his day, keep his employees happy,…

Dental HQ Brett Wells The Dental Experience Podcast
Season 3

Episode 302: No Dental Insurance? No Problem, with Dental HQ’s Brett Wells

Dr. Brett Wells has seen a glaring problem during the pandemic.  Many people in the gig economy simply don’t have health…