Episode 406: Creating a life of abundance and significance

On this episode of The Dental Experience Podcast, Ryan Vet and Kevin Henry are joined by Dr. Bob Martino for a special live episode at The Hinman Dental Meeting. Dr. Martino speaks about putting how he has created a life of significance over success from starting seven practices, retiring once at 38 before getting back into his career and giving back to dentists. Dr. Martino shares how he began his career as a dentist before he was offered the opportunity to take over another practice, and then another, and then several more. Dr. Martino decided when he was running five separate practices that he didn’t have the time to be an efficient leader and care for patients at the same time so he became CEO. Dr. Martino mentions how it was really important to him that the dentist came to work, cared for their patients, and went home to enjoy time with their families. Dr. Martino states that when he was a dentist he just wanted to work with patients without having to worry about the firing and hiring processes that go into running a practice, despite being better at that side of things. 

Ryan, Kevin, and Dr. Martino discuss Freedom Day and the importance it holds. You can sign up for free at https://www.freedomdayusa.org/ to access a packet that will give you all the information you need to partake! Dr. Martino states that Freedom Day has grown so much bigger than he ever imagine but how it’s such a great thing as U.S. veterans and military members should have access to much better dental insurance than they do. 

Dr. Martino also talks about he is a serial entrepreneur and shares what other business ventures he is currently involved in. With all the experience Dr. Martino has from his many different ventures from running a multisite practice to working with the Queen of England, the biggest lesson he has learned is that you need to know what your why is and that has to be thing that drives you. 

Dr. Martino shares some final advice and expresses how if you do what you love you will never feel like you are working, you will enjoy Monday’s and experience great fulfilment!  

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